Monday, October 22, 2012

Spring schedules are here!!!

Hey Dolphins! 

Can you believe that Fall Semester is almost over? There is only 6 more weeks until finals. The new Spring Semester Schedules are already here too, featuring our very own Zac Gruetzner of the Student Ambassadors . So if you see him around, ask for his autograph. Registration for next semester begins November 15. Start planning your schedules now!

Also lets not forget the Fall Festival coming up next weekend, October 27. It will be a blast. I will be at the booth making popcorn, come by and visit me.

I hope everyone continues to have an awesome semester!
-Alexis Greene

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Wow I cannot believe it's already October. Yet, I'm so excited because at ACC we have so much going on. SGA is hosting a talent show where students, groups, and clubs can show off their talents. Plus get a chance to win prizes. Sign-up is in the Student Activities Office. The deadline is October 17. Then the show is on November 3. I hope everyone will come. I'm going to be performing in it with SGA, CCSF, and solo.

Another great thing happening in October is the Fall Festival. I've heard there will be a haunted house and a costume contest. It will be my first time attending. I bet it will be a great time.

Hope everyone is having a great semester!
-Miranda Mejstedt

Friday, September 28, 2012

Made it Through Week 4

What's up, dolphins.  Crazy week at ACC.  I'm Zac, and I'm in the Diagnostic Cardiovascular Sonography Program.  If all goes well, I will be graduating next May.  The DCVS program is always looking for volumteers, so if you'd like to see what the program is all about or wonder what your heart looks like, inside and out, stop by S107 on a Tuesday if you have free time.  Appointments can also be made by calling 281-756-5650.  We need volunteers of every age, size, and shape.  Also, if you have any type of cardiac history we'd love to see and evaluate that history in the lab.  I know that some of the other Allied Health programs will give you a bonus point for volunteering as well.  

So, how about Blackboard this week.  Glad it's back up for my regular classes, and I'm glad I didn't have any online classes.  Hope the cyber-goers weren't affected to bad.  Did y'all get an early break? Anyway, I wanted to say thanks to everyone that helped to get things transferred to the new system.  

Well, back to the grind.  Hope everyone stays safe.  I'd like to leave you with my thought of the week..."sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple"-Dr. Suess

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ACC Rocks!

Woo woo Fall 2012! For most of you guys it is your first semester here at ACC, so the big question is... do you love it yet?! Or if you're like me it's your second semester here and you're on the road to graduation! Either way, we hope that ACC will always be the college that you love the most!
ACC has many resources to get you an A in every college class you take, but you have to remember where to look for them! Our on school library is filled with the resources as well as the professionals to help you with any kind of research you need done. Or maybe you are worried about those 500 word essays that are now required for all core classes? Head on over, right next to the library, and get some free tutoring between, before or after classes! Everyone on the ACC campus wants you to succeed so let us help you reach your full potential and have fun doing it!
Also don't forget to keep up with Blue Tube for exciting events happening this semester!
-Kinsey Vasquez

Friday, September 14, 2012

Back in the Groove!

How is everyone doing so far this semester? I am stoked! I am graduating this December from the Nursing Program! I hope everyone is doing great and getting into your routines of the semester. FYI- financial aid refunds began being mailed out yesterday, so if you are expecting a refund be looking out for it.

There have been alot of fun events going on at the campus lately be sure to watch Blue Tube, or facebook page or email to stay informed about what is happening aroung campus. Sometimes really cool things are given away to students that attend these events.

Have you heard about the Student Ambassadors? We are a group of students carefully selected to go out into the community and hold recruitment events for ACC. This is a lot of fun, you get to meet new people, network and there are always opportunities to have a blast  and dress up a Blue the dolphin. Did I mention there is a $600 scholarship? Watch out for signs during our next application period. It is lots of fun! Hope to see yall soon.

Kristi Harrell

Friday, August 31, 2012

Congratulations to the Fall 2012 Student Ambassadors!

Fall 2012 Presents:

Top Row from Left to Right: 
Kristi Harrell of Alvin, Miranda Mejstedt from Friendswood, Amy Beckman of Friendswood, Colleen Powell of Pearland, Neal Powell of Pearland, Alexis Greene of Rosharon
Bottom Row from Left to Right: 
Kinsey Vasquez of Alvin, Rachel Herring of Alvin, Brady Hudson of Alvin
Not pictured: Zac Gruetzner

What is an Ambassador?
The Student Ambassadors are a small group of dedicated, energetic and positive ACC students with diverse backgrounds, degree plans, interests and extracurricular activities. They demonstrate ACC student pride while being a liaison between ACC and the community.

Through the planning and production of these activities, Student Ambassadors will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of professional skills, such as team leadership, marketing, communications, and event management.

For more information about the Student Ambassador Program at Alvin Community College, please email Liz Sitta or call 281.756.3552.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Application deadline is this week!!!

The Student Ambassador Program is still accepting applications this week until June 28th! The deadline is this Thursday. The scholarship is for $600 per semester. For more information call 281.756.3552 or email

Get your application now!